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About Jennie Moore

About Jennie Moore

A shoot-from-the-hip gal on a mission to help accounting professionals adapt to the cloud with her bootcamp-style mentoring.

Moore is the founder of Moore Details Inc, a fast-growing, forward-thinking firm that has helped numerous organizations evolve and fine-tune their financial operations for more than 12 years. Today, she is also a content writer and mentor in the Intuit Mentoring Program and the Intuit Trainer Writer Network.  She lives with her husband and three kids in Foxboro, Ontario, Canada.


Jennie’s passion to help has provided her with opportunities to speak at events such as the annual conference for the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada and the renowned QBConnect Conferences in Toronto and San Jose. As well she has judged the international Hackathon competition in San Jose, California. Moore Details has also received the prestigious recognition of being Canada’s 2016 Firm of the Future winner; an honor bestowed to the most innovative firm in Canada by Intuit. One of Moore’s favourite accolates is being one of the Top 50 Cloud Accountants in North America for the last two years. Most recently Moore has been nominated for a Premier Award by the Ministry of Education for her deduction to the Accounting industry in addition to being a Remarkable Women in Quinte.


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Moore Details began in 2006 after the birth of our first of three girls. I wanted to stay close to home and still earn an income, though tending to a crying baby, burning dinner, and trying to sound professional when a client called was a little much! But clients soon came my way, as they appreciated the customized service and my candidness. I’m a shoot-from-the-hip kind of girl. I won’t put the Band-Aid on, but I’ll rip it off and get your business in order! Being helpful is everything in this business. By treating everyone like a million-dollar client, I have been able to scale progressively. The referrals keep on coming.


The QuickBooks Online platform is in high demand. Clients like the idea of having a centralized Cloud environment where all the financial data is synced with their computer, mobile device, and tablet. It also provides an opportunity for the users to become involved in their bookkeeping story; all Moore Details clients are expected to have some involvement in the financial process. Whether it’s processing payroll, inputting sales, or using document collection software to capture expenses, their in-house activity lowers their costs. My company is then able to provide them with the feedback they are looking for, which we discuss in our regular chats. The “How am I doing” factor is important to the health of a business. Clients would rather hire a consultant who can evaluate how they are doing, instead of paying them to do low-value tasks like data entry and repetitive payroll.


My mandate is to always be helpful and honest. Working hard is necessary, but working smart is imperative. I believe using software like QuickBooks Online and several of the cool applications will save you tons of time, which you can now spend working on that fabulous product or service you offer! And my advice is for you to remain involved in your bookkeeping story. After all, don’t you want to see the results of your hard work? I know I do!