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Adventures of a QBO Bookkeeper
Intro @mooredetails blog

So itís here!

Moore Details Bookkeeping first ever blog post called Adventures of a QBO Bookkeeper found at my brand spanking new website


Ready to meet the gang at Intuit's Mississauga Office

Warning: Iím candid.

Candidness is my trademark. It works well to bring humor into the stressful financial matters that plague our society. It also helps me keep bookkeeping fun! No thatís no a pun. I love bookkeeping. Why? Because I always know that I am right! I reconcile baby.

Whether you are a $100 Start Up (see Chris Guillebeau book), a seasoned bookkeeper or a stay at home mom looking for inspiration to launch a fabulous business Iím sure youíll find something here.

So fasten your seat belts! Your riding in my minivan now.



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