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#BigTaxCA Event Toronto


So what's shaking today?

Well if you find yourself in Toronto check out The Big Tax event (#BigTaxCA) brought to you by Intuit.

@mooredetails was giggling like a school girl there yesterday.  Well it might have had something to do with the awesome food and swag. But what really sticks in my mind is how Intuit focuses on client care. 

So although the event is mainly geared for Income Tax providers using #Profile this little country bumpkin bookkeeper found much more.

Often I'm asked "What software product do you recommend?" 

Quickbooks baby all the way!

Why? Is the next question after they see my eyes light up with enthusiasm.

Because I see leaders like Jeff Cates President of Intuit personally at events like the Big Tax Event walking the talk about Intuit's focus on client care. The infrastructure they have put in place and the "we want to hear from you!" attitude. 

Because I can sit in a room filled to the brim of Intuit employees (Mississauga Office) and talk like a candid person and be heard by people like Rob King Small Business Unit Lead of Intuit and Jeff sitting in the front row paying attention.

Because I can feel relaxed talking to Nithin Nayak and Omair Raza both Business Develop Mangers who are passionate about my small bookkeeping practice. Always wanting to hear about how Intuit can help bookkeepers and accountants! And take action! Even when I need help trying to figure out their fancy computer coffee maker! You know a company is passionate about technology when your coffee is programmed! 

Because I can call up the help line and actually be helped by a real live person who cares about my clients and me as a person!

Because.......really it could go on. But I like the idea of keeping blog posts simple and short. 

So now that you are hooked stay tuned for more.

Have yourself a terrific day or ask @mooredetails how we can make it better!



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