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Jennie Approved Apps

In today’s FinTech industry we understand the vast array of applications that end users are faced with. It’s absolutely overwhelming! That’s where we come in. We have been reviewing applications since 2013 and have a reputable presence in the industry of giving honest feedback. Simply put. We can’t be bought. We have a tough process to review applications before they receive they become Jennie Approved. That’s right no money nor bribery can win you this approval. Apps need to earn it!


Our firm is sought after by new to market apps to determine if there is a functionality fit to the industry and seek the much-needed feedback to refine their product offering. Though our reviews expand to prestigious applications who regularly seek our advice and beta testing abilities to see if we can break the app! Sometimes we do!


But most importantly Jennie Approved Apps was created to help small businesses navigate their options and find an app to fill the gap in their workflows. Many of which are offered in our Business Optimization sessions.