Jennie Approved Applications!

In today’s FinTech industry we understand the vast array of applications that business owners are faced with. It’s absolutely overwhelming! That’s where we come in. We review and trial applications that can help you run your business and we have earned a reputation in the industry for giving honest feedback. Simply put. We can’t be bought. We have a thorough process to review applications before they become Jennie Approved. That’s right, no money nor bribery can win you this approval. Apps need to earn it!

Accounting Platforms

The heart of your business relies on your accounting platform, we offer expertise in this critical decision. We also offer migration assistance to make a smooth transition. 

Worried about the first chat? Don't be. We are real authentic helpful accounting professionals willing to give you 30 minutes of our time on our dime!

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Document Management

Do you look on the floor of your car each month for your receipts? Is your wallet or purse jammed full of important papers for your bookkeeper? We can Help with a solution. Click to book appointment to discuss.

Merchant Services, Payment Gateways, Point of Sale

Don't make it hard for your customers to give you money, contact us today and we will help streamline your payment processes.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Do you understand your customer base and follow up with them to make sure they are happy? Do you send them updates on new services you offer? Do you only ever send them invoices!? Let us help you discover the potential in your past customers and build new relationships with your new customers. Book your free session today!


Everyone likes to get paid, it's the number one goal of every employee but it can a burden to many business owners. It's a task that never goes away, recurring every week and if it's not easy it can consume your time away from 'working'. Here at Moore Details, we understand and we've taken many stories like yours and turned into testimonials like this one: "Our previous bookkeeper turned payroll into a full-time job, now Jennie taught me to do it myself online in less than 10 minutes! Dave, Belleville ON.". Get started today with a FREE discussion with Jennie.


Do you understand where your cash is headed? The success of your business very well may depend on your ability to enhance your cash position. Reporting and understanding your numbers is critical. Here at Moore Details we want to help you nurture your business. Find out Moore!


We love technology! We can service our own customers around the country and remain very connected with them because of technology. We have trialed many solutions and determine a solid set of communication tools to help you keep in touch with your customers and staff. Let us demo our suite of solutions for you.

Social Media

It's not a 'fad' that going away, it's the new way to communicate with your current and future generation of clients. Personally we love social media FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn but we understand it can be time consuming. Let us show you how to maximize Social Media to grow your business.

Project Management

Complex projects? Need a solution...we have experience. Book Appointment Now.

Practice Management

Proposals, Contracts, online approvals from customers... does this sound like something your business needs? Contact Moore Details to discuss.

Efficiency Apps

Save Time = Save money. We can take many of the time consuming tasks in your and help automate. Contact Moore Details to discuss.